Wake Me Up, When September Ends

Today I went out early in the morning 7:00AM just to get my aunt’s car, after that went eat breakfast @Taman Megah Old Town Coffee shop. The whole day was drizzling.

Not a very happy start for a day.

Ate breakfast with my friend, MJ, which later he introduced me a hair saloon where he use to go. Which, I don’t really the looks of it. (Asked my mom to repair right after I reach home)

So I brought MJ along for a day out with Joshua’s sis. Suppose to eat at SS2, sadly one of us couldn’t take the heat, we wind up at Wong Kok @ 1Utama.
From Left: MJ (Issac) and Shannon
 Me and the banana
Objective to make someone outrage. XD

Later we eat donuts @ Big Apple.

Big Apple Donuts Donashi

Big Apple should pay me for taking this picture

Red jellies

Free warm water...

Decisions decisions...

He failed to put one whole piece in it. But I CAN! XD

Failed. Suppose to look "high".



Blurred face makes people look sexier. LOL


Suddenly... She went random...

I think this is a... rabbit?

Raving rabbits!! Don't they looked alike?! XD

But she made us laughed. LOL

We saw the next table was cam whoring with the Big Apple Donuts Donashi.
So we end up cam whoring the leftovers. LOL

Spot the difference with picture above...

Checking out old ladies ass which is VERY tight. Sure they went yoga!!


On the way to cinema we wanted to sing K but the time clashed. So end up in the arcade. Which Shannon shake the coin machine till siren sound comes out. She’s CRAZY!!

Watch the movie “Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole” which is not half bad. Good graphics and moral, but predictable storyline.

After that I went to church end up sleeping because too tired, then went eat dinner at 10PM.

D' Jungle @ Under-bridge to Federal Highway and State

Insight of D' Jungle



Apple said...

I cant believe i'm d 1st one to comment.LOL

Jeremy Yong said...

yea me too. LOL