This is Life

The yesterday me would have thought that what I believed in is just a mere religion; where I go church because my parents tell me so. I go to church just to waste my Sunday morning or in a better way of describe how I spend my time with my family. I even used to avoid talking with my pastor and teachers in church.

But then again, what is the point of having a religion if that’s the case?

Why would I go church every Sunday instead of hanging out with friends at malls and cinemas?
What is this “bible” all about? Why do people would sacrifice their life just to share their religion with others? Until now, about 100million of Christians are still being prosecuted in countries namely Muslim world and Hindu extremist countries.

“It is a foreigner religion”, “It is against our culture” these are the words I heard from my own culture.

But our God is so real. We are born with nothing near His holiness.

The message, the bible, that God has sent His only son Jesus Christ to clear our names so that we can once again walk closely with Him.

If the bible were to be fake, then 100million Christians have wasted their lives sharing the message. 2010 years that around the globe, Christians have been living a lie.

God is real, this is no religion, this is life.


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let's not forget the crown that's on the kitchen table. There's a reason why its there. we're all in this together bro.