Looking at the right Love?

What is love?
There are many ways to describe love, many ways to explain love and many ways to express love.
But there is no way to show it literally what love is.
We need food, clothes, money to survive. Yes, those can be seen and touch.
Love is important, to show love to parents and peers so that they will love you back.
To care, to help and to share the times of happiness, sorrow and thrill together.
But, love can be a selfish act when comes to romantic love, where people only wants another to fulfill its attention, care and someone to kill the boredom.
So, what types of love am I looking at?
Someone to kill my boredom, gives attention and care when I need one?
While I have my own friends I do not need her to fill my time?

Or someone who shares the same vision as mine?

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