De Busy Weekend

30 January 2010
Woke up in the morning to be part of the medical team helper for the 1st time several churches friendly match in basketball, badminton, table tennis and others. (Including golf and bowling!
So I went in to check in as a helper. Everything went wrong when I found out I'm the only one represent the Chinese department. Eventually, I was quiet the whole time while smiling looking at the match. I survived from 8AM to 12PM, got bored and went downstairs to be alone. (I don't like being alone in a big crowd)
Called up my mum to pick me up and we went to my primary school friend's brother shop. One of the famous restaurants which sells Prawn Noodles! (姐妹餐厅 - direct translation: Sisters Restaurant
A delicious chicken meat curry noodles, price?   RM8.00 per plate!!
I was told that my female friend, same age as me now, already had a child. While I am still a student... sighs
At night, went to Sin Chew Newspaper conference room for a talk about teens, young adults and the influence of pornography. Was a very Christian-kinda-feel as it was organized by the Bible College. The talk was presented a very detailed APA research at first, and then discussed. They even made 1000 oversamples about teens and pornography!! (And I thought I can have my break from APA presentation...)
 It was raining that night and look! A free conference with full of audiences!! Some even need to stand!
From left: Hui (my same-age-uncle), Lilly (my "sister"), and Sabrina 
I asked them to gimme some better poses... ==
Later then, my parents and I went for a supper at Everyday Restaurant, some variety of stalls under one roof. The place was pretty cool since it was raining, no one was sitting at the open-air area. Which was very beautiful and peaceful.
And I found this poster pasted on the wall near my car. LOL
31 January 2010
Woke up at 6.30AM, was told that my dad couldn’t attend the church as his leg is getting worst because of food allergic. Imagine my foot is stuffed with 2x of meat, and every single movements of the leg will as if cram. 
So my mom and I went to the church. It was a blessed morning indeed. The moon was so round and yet other parts of the sky were covered with clouds, beside the moon. 
After the service, I went alone washing the church's vans. LOL
A lot have asked why I am washing the vans out of a sudden. Why didn't want to send it to car washer? Why this... Why that... I answered in my heart, or He has answered in my heart, that doing all these does not need any reason. I just feel like doing it for Him and I feel happy doing it. :)


A sign?

While driving back today, it was a usual jamming traffic road after the toll; I noticed that the sky was so beautiful that not all the time I will have the chance to see it. Especially in PJ.

So I took out my camera and took the picture. Noticed that the sun is actually shining at the palm tree, I was amazed and it seems that there is a hidden meaning on it.


The Sick Day

So here I am, staying at home blogging due to sick since Friday. I was so looking forward to the centre this morning. So I woke up in the morning 6AM and my dad drove me to the usual mamak stall to eat breakfast.

Usually, you will see advertisements of loan money and sorts pasted on the wall of every store. Like this one.

Surprisingly this mamak store doesn't have any. The reason?

(Translation: WARNING: Sticking advertisements are prohibited. Offenders will be prosecuted or beaten)

Anyway, after the mamak, Zi Qian hopped on and we went to work. Sigh, noticed that I'm sick, coughing like a mad cow, Nancy (the person in-charge) tell me better take MC in case the sick spreads to the kids as they are weak. (Even Nancy herself needs a leave cuz she's sick too)

And so I went back, look for a clinic. MC for 2 days. 2 DAYS?! T___T

(Yes, I censored my ID just in-case... LOL)

So on the way home, saw the lil lion hanged behind my car. No matter how ugly people say it looked, I still think it's cute and she gave me. XD

Went (forced) market with my parents to buy some grocery, I saw some black coated eggs. And guess what...

They are SALTED EGGS!!! I thought salted eggs' shell were white. Explained by my father, I gotta go back to the centre ASAP to re-color the salted egg... (I colored it normal egg color...)

Finally, yesterday the-almost-half-alive me managed finish watching the 3 hours "The Ten Commandments"!!

Will blog more funny things around me. XD



Very sick now, yesterday had a very bad fever. Funny when I’m sick I’ll think of those who cared for me while I was very sick.

I thank my friends who treated me as their more-than-just-friend friend. How they took care of me while I was very sick. I thank you that you would sacrifice yourself and off the fan just because I’m sick. Wiping my sweats off and cooling me down making sure the cloth is wet.

I couldn’t treat you guys the same, just simply you guys are the best. And I’m just not good at showing care to people.

I thank to individuals that would take care of me even I showed tantrum. I thank you even though now we are not anymore contact to each other. I thank you that when I vomit, you would pat my back and comforts me. I thank you teaching me that when fever, go bath; when want to vomit, make it out using own finger. All these tips are useful, and I treasured it even we are far apart.

Your actions will be remembered every time. To the people I will take care of, friends that are sick or family who are ill. I’ll treat them as how you guys have treated me. The unconditional love and self-less attitude. Smile, God bless you all. :)


Aliment Day

Supposed I have to help my dad to pass his ex-company’s hard disk to the ex-company, but I slept late, as usual. My mom settled it for me when she went market buy grocery.

Woke up at 2pm, my mom looked at me and say, “You finally wake up!” We supposed to head to the place where I’m going for training at Kelana Jaya and meet up with dad at 5pm to attend a talk about Christian revival. Before that, my mom bought crabs as we discussed yesterday and she asked me to cook. (Since I told her my ambition was to open a restaurant)

Tada! My delicious crabs with onions, ginger, a lil chili and tomato with an egg! My mom made the bread crispy so that we can eat it with the crabs. And yes! No rice for today! XD
Cooked by: Chef Jeremy Yong! XD
Before that, I found my dad’s camera. I mentioned that I need it so that I can upload pictures in my boring blog. So he left it on the desk! (YESS!!) And here is the ceiling I mentioned that was leaking on my bed. ==

Anyway, so after the lunch and visiting the place I supposed to intern, we went meet up with dad at church and end up at some place in section 10 (I think) where there’s this flat house and the ground floor have some shop lots. This restaurant seems very popular since it is being posted in newspaper since year 1998. 1998?! It is called something 6 to 10. I guess the restaurant really open at 6pm to 10pm only and off on Monday and Tuesday! (Wonders how they survive…) The food was nice, but the price made me cry.
So after all the food, we went to church again, meet up all the sisters (yes, only my dad and I was the men over there). Over there (Luther Centre P.J.), was big but the car park was small, our church’s new van which is very tall barely can make it in and not much available places to park the van since there’s a lot of pipes on the ceiling, fearing that the van will made a history breaking the pipes, I went out the van and check if there’s any place that can fit this giant.
At the reception, they gave us name tags! :D

I asked my mom how much was the whole thing (p.s. it is a 3 day talk). RM70!! ><”
Was fun since the pastor was from Taiwan. He looked, I mean it, he looked like Jackie Chan!
After the whole thing, my family fetched my ex back home. (Yes, she was there) And we went eat Sea Park Nasi Lemak! Ahh… Nothing beats a RM4.50 Nasi Lemak Ayam than my dad’s (he ordered nasi lemak kambing at 6 to 10 restaurant) RM10.50 nasi lemak. ><


Absurdity Day

Last night while I was awake at 1AM, I hear something dripping on my bed. My bed is WET! I looked up and my ceiling was leaking! (So wished to post the picture of it :S) Before that there was a weird mechanical sound like, “Brrrrr…” I thought it was some truck that sprays mosquitoes but at 1AM?!

My dad explained the sound was from the water tank in our roof that reserves water in case there’s no water. So I was like, “oh well, just a few drops of water won’t do anything” and I was so wrong. At 4am, I suddenly woke up thanks to the water dripping sound. But I didn’t bother either.

Woke up, and found half of my bed is wet! (Ps, my bed is a queen size bed. XD) Told my mom about it and we dragged the bed downstairs. The bed wasn’t that light, and with the water in it, the smell and the wetness of the bed. Feels like crap… ><

My mom took a mop and a bucket from downstairs, I looked at it and thought that my mom just gonna ask me to mop the floor with wet mop without the water in the bucket. Noticed that my mom was sweeping the floor, I moped the floor trying to show her that her son is a grown man. My mom looked at the bucket and laughed, “You didn’t add water on the bucket?!” I was confused and say, why? I thought I just need to mop it? Apparently, my mom added the Ajax in the bucket. She brought up the bucket without the water so that it is lighter. How am I supposed to know that?! ><

So now my room smells like Ajax and the bed is as dry as a mummy since today’s weather is hot. And I can sleep peacefully since it’s raining outside! :D


Seek of Absolution

“When you're right, no one remembers. When you're wrong, no one forgets."
Author Unknown

It's true. Who remembers what did George Bush contribute to his country while he was a president before Obama was elected as a president of United States of America? I would dare to say barely anyone.

The past cannot be changed. But I hope that to those who I have insulted, hurt or cheated, to forgive me what I have done. True, it is a coward’s act to write in a blog seeking forgiveness. I too do hope that I can act it out with a sincere heart just like how I am now writing it here. No matter what, I will not look back now.

Just bought a book "NLP for Rookies" by Mallery and Russell. Yes, I am finally reading a proper book now. Hope I won't stop reading and continue facebooking... lol


Aberrant Day

Was friend’s home warming today, we sat on the church van and travel to Klang to the family’s house. In the whole journey, we sang gospel songs through the song books we brought. It brings back those memories when I was a worship leader, but now I am a man full with shame.

Anyway, we actually sang 200 songs (Including those we don’t know). I noticed a lot of family cars were looking at us like we’re some sort of freaks singing in a van.

At the house, we celebrated two friends’ birthday even though it was not their actual birthday. Because there was a lot of food, we played food games forcing losers to finish up the food. (I am in the losing team…) When back to church from Klang, a friend from the church band asked me come back to the worship team and play back my bass guitar. I rejected.

After the whole trip, mother needed to buy grocery. I saw a bread that does not look like a bread at all.

So what is the answer of today’s question? Or should I ask what is the question for today?

Human Network

Browsing through my friends, friends’ friend’s blogs and posts, I start to realize how selfish I was back in those days. Everyday everyone’s life is like a movie, everyone is the main actor in their life. To them, friends and family are the one that change the scripts. However looking at the friends and family’s sight, they seem to be the main actor in their own movies. It’s like bunch of millions of movies collaborating together making a bigger movie. Very complicated…

So now I wonder, what is the theme of my movie?


New Year 2010

Yet another day of boredom spent my whole day sleeping until 5:30AM. I didn’t go clubbing last night nor hang out with bunch of friends and celebrate. Instead, I spent my New Year eve at church complaining “Why the hell am I here?”

I began to sleep in the car at 10PM and make myself wake up at 11:30PM. However, just about an hour sleep I woke up because the car was to hot and the damn mosquitoes ruined my sleep.

Suddenly, I hear a man and a kid screaming at each another. I looked and thought they were playing. The man was a teacher that teaches me while I was in youth church, I disagreed with his teaching and all because I just simply don’t feel comfortable around him, that feeling began since last three years. The kid however, he is just a normal naughty boy that likes to play, till he will hit people, still he is just a kid.

Last night, the teacher grabs him out from the church. I heard that that man grabs him out with one hand on his neck and one on his head. The boy’s little brother was screaming and crying, but adults thought they were playing. The mother was watching, but did not pay more attention on what he will to do her child.

Outside, where I can see what happen in the car, he grabs the kid out and says, “You still want to play?” “Quick, say sorry!” Everything happen so fast, I saw him push the kid towards the wall. I couldn’t see clearly, but the kid cried. Another teacher, a woman who I also do not like much (basically, there’s few teachers I like in that place), saw and ran towards the kid asked what happen and comforts him. The kid pointing at the man, while the man doesn’t seem to be sorry of what he
has done.

The kid, I heard was he was bleeding. The nose was bleeding nonstop. The woman screams at him, why did you hit him? The man replied that the kid hits him, two times. When I hear these words from that man, I was outraged, yet happy inside telling myself if you want to play with children, then you have to bear the consequences, not by hitting them.

The mother was asked to come out, she was terrified and cried. After 15 minutes or so, he apologized. The mother brought his children back home. I’m very sure the parents will not come to church anymore while the man over there doesn’t seem to be sorry or “acted” as if nothing happened that day.

And that is how I spent my New Year eve.