Very sick now, yesterday had a very bad fever. Funny when I’m sick I’ll think of those who cared for me while I was very sick.

I thank my friends who treated me as their more-than-just-friend friend. How they took care of me while I was very sick. I thank you that you would sacrifice yourself and off the fan just because I’m sick. Wiping my sweats off and cooling me down making sure the cloth is wet.

I couldn’t treat you guys the same, just simply you guys are the best. And I’m just not good at showing care to people.

I thank to individuals that would take care of me even I showed tantrum. I thank you even though now we are not anymore contact to each other. I thank you that when I vomit, you would pat my back and comforts me. I thank you teaching me that when fever, go bath; when want to vomit, make it out using own finger. All these tips are useful, and I treasured it even we are far apart.

Your actions will be remembered every time. To the people I will take care of, friends that are sick or family who are ill. I’ll treat them as how you guys have treated me. The unconditional love and self-less attitude. Smile, God bless you all. :)

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