Aberrant Day

Was friend’s home warming today, we sat on the church van and travel to Klang to the family’s house. In the whole journey, we sang gospel songs through the song books we brought. It brings back those memories when I was a worship leader, but now I am a man full with shame.

Anyway, we actually sang 200 songs (Including those we don’t know). I noticed a lot of family cars were looking at us like we’re some sort of freaks singing in a van.

At the house, we celebrated two friends’ birthday even though it was not their actual birthday. Because there was a lot of food, we played food games forcing losers to finish up the food. (I am in the losing team…) When back to church from Klang, a friend from the church band asked me come back to the worship team and play back my bass guitar. I rejected.

After the whole trip, mother needed to buy grocery. I saw a bread that does not look like a bread at all.

So what is the answer of today’s question? Or should I ask what is the question for today?


Anonymous said...

the bread looks like the clay thing that u made!!

Jeremy Yong said...

It looks like a piece of shit to me...