De Busy Weekend

30 January 2010
Woke up in the morning to be part of the medical team helper for the 1st time several churches friendly match in basketball, badminton, table tennis and others. (Including golf and bowling!
So I went in to check in as a helper. Everything went wrong when I found out I'm the only one represent the Chinese department. Eventually, I was quiet the whole time while smiling looking at the match. I survived from 8AM to 12PM, got bored and went downstairs to be alone. (I don't like being alone in a big crowd)
Called up my mum to pick me up and we went to my primary school friend's brother shop. One of the famous restaurants which sells Prawn Noodles! (姐妹餐厅 - direct translation: Sisters Restaurant
A delicious chicken meat curry noodles, price?   RM8.00 per plate!!
I was told that my female friend, same age as me now, already had a child. While I am still a student... sighs
At night, went to Sin Chew Newspaper conference room for a talk about teens, young adults and the influence of pornography. Was a very Christian-kinda-feel as it was organized by the Bible College. The talk was presented a very detailed APA research at first, and then discussed. They even made 1000 oversamples about teens and pornography!! (And I thought I can have my break from APA presentation...)
 It was raining that night and look! A free conference with full of audiences!! Some even need to stand!
From left: Hui (my same-age-uncle), Lilly (my "sister"), and Sabrina 
I asked them to gimme some better poses... ==
Later then, my parents and I went for a supper at Everyday Restaurant, some variety of stalls under one roof. The place was pretty cool since it was raining, no one was sitting at the open-air area. Which was very beautiful and peaceful.
And I found this poster pasted on the wall near my car. LOL
31 January 2010
Woke up at 6.30AM, was told that my dad couldn’t attend the church as his leg is getting worst because of food allergic. Imagine my foot is stuffed with 2x of meat, and every single movements of the leg will as if cram. 
So my mom and I went to the church. It was a blessed morning indeed. The moon was so round and yet other parts of the sky were covered with clouds, beside the moon. 
After the service, I went alone washing the church's vans. LOL
A lot have asked why I am washing the vans out of a sudden. Why didn't want to send it to car washer? Why this... Why that... I answered in my heart, or He has answered in my heart, that doing all these does not need any reason. I just feel like doing it for Him and I feel happy doing it. :)


Anonymous said...

You should be happy that you are not yet a father at your age. LOL

Jeremy Yong said...

swt... CHOI!!