Thought of De Day

Have been browsing a lot of instrumental music lately; 
this music inspired me and lets me think back the days before year 2010. 

What is love? 
What is trust? 
What is friendship? 
What is family? 
Some say observing is the best way to learn mistakes through people.

But I say that making a scene your own is very different than observing or hearing.

The hardship, the sweats and tears through my relationship years shows me that I am not that clever after all. 
The naive, see and believe and act before think shows me 
that my life is not as portrait in movies. 
The need in hand, comforts when I am down, 
and trouble I faced shows me that friend are more than important.

The overall transformation and realization in life shows how important is the family in my life.

All these scenes I've been through is hard to be describe in words. 
And I am glad I have experienced all these. 
There's more to come in front of me, and I hope these stories can be told 
to my children, and children's children.

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