Just a blink and now it’s been almost 2 years I’m single. 2 years single aka 2YS. Wait, that’s going to be 3 years soon but oh well, I lost count.

Work is not that bad, just the matter of how to handle myself facing different people from different background. Fortunately for me, I’m not too bad on adjusting myself on others’ expectations. Perhaps the problem is I’ve been adjusting myself too much that soon I’m losing myself.

A lot asked me ‘where’s your friends?’, ‘you seem like a person with a lot of friends’, ‘go find your friends!’. Yea but too bad I’m not kin to mix with people around for too long. Sigh. Is it my problem? I dunno. Waiting for the answer to come while doing my best in work, eat and sleep.

Food Maraton

On the Friday (1st April 2011), I've decided to ask my parents to try out durian dinner at SS2 since we have been eating the same dishes almost everyday and running out of idea what's next。

 I thought I can handle it...
 I guess I had my limit... D:
 Mom the poser
 Dad just can't get enough. lol
 Apparently we both wear the same shirt color! Only the SIZE is the big difference...

RM15.00 per head regardless of how much you eat including a sky juice. Best come at 6pm or they will end the buffet like McD ending the McValue lunch D:
Then on the Saturday (2nd April 2011), we go ahead eating something that I've been wanting my friends to go for. SPICY buffet "麻辣火渦" at Bandar Putri Puchong which offers you three different levels from easy to crazy.
Obviously, we went for the crazy level. The level 3!

 Look at the red hot spicy pot... O.O

Just one scoop you can actually see how many chillies they put inside!! ><

The most important of all is the MEAT

Mom is starting to give up cuz the HOTNESS


No way I will give up eating scallops!

The price? For three person, not very worth it. D:

Then lastly, which is today. We went McD and I tried out the new dish. DOUBLED SIZED BURGERS!!

 Actually the size really DOES MATTERS!

But when you look at it, whats the difference?! D: