Threshold, I have been hearing this word quite often and I don't think I should take this word lightly.
And so I have this word pasted into my standard!

Increase my level of threshold comprehending more upcoming task in work.
Increase my level of threshold working with different people in work and church.
Increase my level of threshold coping with ups and downs in relationships.
Increase my level of threshold emotionally when absorbing more new things around work and church.
Increase my level of threshold in numbers of food I take in so that I can be fatter LOL


Sour night

It’s funny how I make my life so interesting, yet tiring. How many have I hurt? I can’t remember the wounds I cut. Actually, there’s too many. And all are equally deep. Some admires me how did I manage to get the numbers. To be honest, I’m not proud at all. In fact I’m tired of this why can’t I just settle down?

Why can’t I just be some guy over there who thirst for hug? Where I am abusing it? In the time the time I spent with all these so called interesting life is nothing. I am to be forgotten in others, as it is what I should be treated. I’m a murder and a thief.

How many hearts I have pierced and how many have I stolen? I lost count. As I am not a good person, at all. 

Men's fetish

A lot typical men have fetish over collections. 

Some like guns. 

Some like animal heads. 
Some like women underwears. 

Me? I’m currently collecting ciggarete box and knives. But I’m still unto cigarrete box then I’ll aim knives.

Been few months and estimated I took about 220 sticks each different types and brands of smokes. Some repetitive due to friends belanja or I forgotten I already have bought one.

From left Benson & Hedges, Dunhill, Peter Stuyvesant, Pall Mall (Red), Pall Mall (Light from Malaysia), Pall Mall (Light from Hong Kong), Winston, Malboro (Red), Malboro (Menthol), Kent (Repeated)