Spread the Love In Chinese New Year

So what did I do these days besides Facebook-ing and working?
Again, as I mentioned in Facebook, I was inspired by a person who tagged me in a note on spreading the love to random people in the CNY.

So discussed with my father and he agreed, as well as my mom.
I start off  with a small card and asked my mom if she can make cloth roses to pair up with the card.
So we decided to make 100 sets of Valentine's card and flower for the lonely ones.
Soon however, my dad happens to talk about this to the pastor, she was TOTALLY agreed. She even decided to contribute some money to make as Ang Pows (Red packets with money) to the people who needs more than us.
Slowly after time, 4 persons and a team contributed RM550.00 for the Ang Pow. While we made 20 sets for pastor as she wants to spread the love to her hometown's hospital.
While my cousin willing to contribute 3 boxes of oranges! :)
Anyway, so we rushed 80 sets and tada! Done! Thanks to my last minute attitude, I slept at 1AM... Even though I have to be awake at 8AM the next day for church (which is CNY 1st day)!!
Woke up in the morning, packed all the things and ready for the go!
1st stop! Listen to God's words!
After the Sunday service, we picked up one of the sister in church who willing to tag along in this trip.
And so before we start off, we have to ss (syok sendiri aka cam whore) abit lah~
Then we set off!
I didn't take any pictures as a respect to the people in the hospital. SO I'll just brief what happened.
We reached there, and the elevator was packed with people while we're holding all the gifts.
An Indian lady came and asked if these are for sale, we told her our mission and w gave her one set.
We are confused and do not know which ward to start off.
Suddenly, a security guard came and she brought us to another elevator which not much people knows.
In the lift, we wanted to give her gift, but not sure if she's a Muslim (as we have some Bible verse in some flowers for non-Muslims and some with non-Bible verse for Muslims)
She held her necklace, and says she's a Christian, a widow, with three children and have heart defects.

She told us, she prayed this morning hoping there's someone to give her RM10 for her meal today.
Before she mentioned RM10, we have given her 2 packets of Ang Pows (RM5 each).
I was so touched by God's grace.
Then she shared that due she isn't a Malaysian, she cannot ask for government's help, for her heart operation.
We prayed for her. And I was touched.
In this morning before started this trip, I got the feeling of bringing RM100 which was given by my cousin.
And here, I gave her the money that I believe she needs more than me.

The whole trip was she who guided us.
In the wards, few patients left tears. Some brought smiles.
Some we prayed for, some held our hands tight.

I remember one old lady who could not speak nor hear.
She held my mom's hand and mine tight, while her eyes were so wide.
My heartaches, don't know what I can do to ease her pain.
Her legs as if have no meat.

I was so touched in this trip that God is so real.
I will pray for Christina, the widow for her financial, and those in the wards.
Plus continue to spread God's grace.


JustJames said...

All praise and glory to God and our Lord.

MJ said...

Praise God! We tend to forget others during this occasions :) This is good idea :) im encouraged.

Jeremy Yong said...

Thank you all! We must continue to spread the love. And spread the seeds onto them to know how great loving and mercy our God is! :)