Stop Craves for Love, Start Spread the Love

Woke up in the morning 6AM, drive to Kelana Jaya and eat my breakfast while waiting for fellow interns.
Depart at 8:15AM and start working at 8:30AM.
Break at 12PM to 2PM and end my day at 5PM.
Back home about 6PM and sleep the whole night. (Skipped my dinner most of the time)
This is my routine every Mon, Tues, Thurs and Friday.
Every Wednesday will be travelling down to PJ at 4:30PM and pick my dad.
Goes to Bible College of Malaysia with him and have our night class. 
Yes, for those who don't, can't or will never imagine I'm studying Bible, The book of Acts. I AM!!
My mission now is to prepare flowers and cards for the lonely hearts spending their time in hospitals.
I realize how selfish I was/am expecting love and care from others instead of giving those who really needs it.
My quote for 2010, “Stop Craves for Love, Start Spread the Love.”


SayTar said...

good one! spreading love!!!
god bless bro~

Jeremy Yong said...

Thx! You can join d movement too! :)