Aliment Day

Supposed I have to help my dad to pass his ex-company’s hard disk to the ex-company, but I slept late, as usual. My mom settled it for me when she went market buy grocery.

Woke up at 2pm, my mom looked at me and say, “You finally wake up!” We supposed to head to the place where I’m going for training at Kelana Jaya and meet up with dad at 5pm to attend a talk about Christian revival. Before that, my mom bought crabs as we discussed yesterday and she asked me to cook. (Since I told her my ambition was to open a restaurant)

Tada! My delicious crabs with onions, ginger, a lil chili and tomato with an egg! My mom made the bread crispy so that we can eat it with the crabs. And yes! No rice for today! XD
Cooked by: Chef Jeremy Yong! XD
Before that, I found my dad’s camera. I mentioned that I need it so that I can upload pictures in my boring blog. So he left it on the desk! (YESS!!) And here is the ceiling I mentioned that was leaking on my bed. ==

Anyway, so after the lunch and visiting the place I supposed to intern, we went meet up with dad at church and end up at some place in section 10 (I think) where there’s this flat house and the ground floor have some shop lots. This restaurant seems very popular since it is being posted in newspaper since year 1998. 1998?! It is called something 6 to 10. I guess the restaurant really open at 6pm to 10pm only and off on Monday and Tuesday! (Wonders how they survive…) The food was nice, but the price made me cry.
So after all the food, we went to church again, meet up all the sisters (yes, only my dad and I was the men over there). Over there (Luther Centre P.J.), was big but the car park was small, our church’s new van which is very tall barely can make it in and not much available places to park the van since there’s a lot of pipes on the ceiling, fearing that the van will made a history breaking the pipes, I went out the van and check if there’s any place that can fit this giant.
At the reception, they gave us name tags! :D

I asked my mom how much was the whole thing (p.s. it is a 3 day talk). RM70!! ><”
Was fun since the pastor was from Taiwan. He looked, I mean it, he looked like Jackie Chan!
After the whole thing, my family fetched my ex back home. (Yes, she was there) And we went eat Sea Park Nasi Lemak! Ahh… Nothing beats a RM4.50 Nasi Lemak Ayam than my dad’s (he ordered nasi lemak kambing at 6 to 10 restaurant) RM10.50 nasi lemak. ><


Anonymous said...

u cooked jeremy?? can eat mou???? hahahha

Jeremy Yong said...

hahaha, i shitted, u wan check see is it healthy?? XD