The Sick Day

So here I am, staying at home blogging due to sick since Friday. I was so looking forward to the centre this morning. So I woke up in the morning 6AM and my dad drove me to the usual mamak stall to eat breakfast.

Usually, you will see advertisements of loan money and sorts pasted on the wall of every store. Like this one.

Surprisingly this mamak store doesn't have any. The reason?

(Translation: WARNING: Sticking advertisements are prohibited. Offenders will be prosecuted or beaten)

Anyway, after the mamak, Zi Qian hopped on and we went to work. Sigh, noticed that I'm sick, coughing like a mad cow, Nancy (the person in-charge) tell me better take MC in case the sick spreads to the kids as they are weak. (Even Nancy herself needs a leave cuz she's sick too)

And so I went back, look for a clinic. MC for 2 days. 2 DAYS?! T___T

(Yes, I censored my ID just in-case... LOL)

So on the way home, saw the lil lion hanged behind my car. No matter how ugly people say it looked, I still think it's cute and she gave me. XD

Went (forced) market with my parents to buy some grocery, I saw some black coated eggs. And guess what...

They are SALTED EGGS!!! I thought salted eggs' shell were white. Explained by my father, I gotta go back to the centre ASAP to re-color the salted egg... (I colored it normal egg color...)

Finally, yesterday the-almost-half-alive me managed finish watching the 3 hours "The Ten Commandments"!!

Will blog more funny things around me. XD

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mingy said...

omg jerms!
you gave me a good laugh with the salted egg thing