Absurdity Day

Last night while I was awake at 1AM, I hear something dripping on my bed. My bed is WET! I looked up and my ceiling was leaking! (So wished to post the picture of it :S) Before that there was a weird mechanical sound like, “Brrrrr…” I thought it was some truck that sprays mosquitoes but at 1AM?!

My dad explained the sound was from the water tank in our roof that reserves water in case there’s no water. So I was like, “oh well, just a few drops of water won’t do anything” and I was so wrong. At 4am, I suddenly woke up thanks to the water dripping sound. But I didn’t bother either.

Woke up, and found half of my bed is wet! (Ps, my bed is a queen size bed. XD) Told my mom about it and we dragged the bed downstairs. The bed wasn’t that light, and with the water in it, the smell and the wetness of the bed. Feels like crap… ><

My mom took a mop and a bucket from downstairs, I looked at it and thought that my mom just gonna ask me to mop the floor with wet mop without the water in the bucket. Noticed that my mom was sweeping the floor, I moped the floor trying to show her that her son is a grown man. My mom looked at the bucket and laughed, “You didn’t add water on the bucket?!” I was confused and say, why? I thought I just need to mop it? Apparently, my mom added the Ajax in the bucket. She brought up the bucket without the water so that it is lighter. How am I supposed to know that?! ><

So now my room smells like Ajax and the bed is as dry as a mummy since today’s weather is hot. And I can sleep peacefully since it’s raining outside! :D

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