New Year 2010

Yet another day of boredom spent my whole day sleeping until 5:30AM. I didn’t go clubbing last night nor hang out with bunch of friends and celebrate. Instead, I spent my New Year eve at church complaining “Why the hell am I here?”

I began to sleep in the car at 10PM and make myself wake up at 11:30PM. However, just about an hour sleep I woke up because the car was to hot and the damn mosquitoes ruined my sleep.

Suddenly, I hear a man and a kid screaming at each another. I looked and thought they were playing. The man was a teacher that teaches me while I was in youth church, I disagreed with his teaching and all because I just simply don’t feel comfortable around him, that feeling began since last three years. The kid however, he is just a normal naughty boy that likes to play, till he will hit people, still he is just a kid.

Last night, the teacher grabs him out from the church. I heard that that man grabs him out with one hand on his neck and one on his head. The boy’s little brother was screaming and crying, but adults thought they were playing. The mother was watching, but did not pay more attention on what he will to do her child.

Outside, where I can see what happen in the car, he grabs the kid out and says, “You still want to play?” “Quick, say sorry!” Everything happen so fast, I saw him push the kid towards the wall. I couldn’t see clearly, but the kid cried. Another teacher, a woman who I also do not like much (basically, there’s few teachers I like in that place), saw and ran towards the kid asked what happen and comforts him. The kid pointing at the man, while the man doesn’t seem to be sorry of what he
has done.

The kid, I heard was he was bleeding. The nose was bleeding nonstop. The woman screams at him, why did you hit him? The man replied that the kid hits him, two times. When I hear these words from that man, I was outraged, yet happy inside telling myself if you want to play with children, then you have to bear the consequences, not by hitting them.

The mother was asked to come out, she was terrified and cried. After 15 minutes or so, he apologized. The mother brought his children back home. I’m very sure the parents will not come to church anymore while the man over there doesn’t seem to be sorry or “acted” as if nothing happened that day.

And that is how I spent my New Year eve.

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