Shoe Smith

A shoe smith accepts any kind of shoes to repair.

I went to a shoe smith the other day to get my shoe fix where it has been with me for four years.

The shoe smith look at my shoe condition and all I concerned was how much will it cost.
I kept on asking him how much is the price while he looks at the shoe skeptically and explains what this shoe needs to be repair.

In the end, “Dua puluh Ringgit (Twenty Ringgit)” he said.
I stunned a little thought it would cost half of hundred.

I gave him the shoe and went eat my breakfast with my father at the nearest stall.

After the breakfast, I went to meet him to wait the shoe to be finish.

His passion and the strength to sow the strings through and out, his eyes never looked away from my shoe.

It was a very quiet moment, two men, the shoe smith and me, the student sitting at the roadside.
But one shares the passion of his future, while one just complains the past.

Though I spent a little time with, I have learnt something from him.

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