My New Fetish?!

So my fetish started from way back when I was still at my pubic development stage. I used to find chicks who are older, mature looking are hot.
Riko Tachibana - AV actress, oh yeah!

Then I felt that long hairs shorter than me who wear specs chicks are hot.
Jessica from SNSD

Then I felt that short hairs with attitudes are hot.
Linda Chung - TVB actress. HELL YEA!

Now this, young girls? Oh crap. I found myself trap in the mall full with underage girls and none are same age or around my age. So I have no choice but to check them out. Weird enough, I found them attractive. SHIT. I’m turning into a Pedobear? No way! I have to slap my head and knock myself out. Hopefully I'm able to meet angels (or devils) to change back my sexual orientation. ><
Pedobear and Powerpuff Girls


SJ said...

Omg pedobear!! I used to like ppgs :/
the 2nd girl looks like MayMay!!
And Linda's hot!
After Reading ur post.. I think we're twins.
But I still like short girls with long hair and occasionally with specs :p

Jeremy Yong said...

LOL... i guess younger girls only like me. older or same age as me seems to hate me or not even close to like. sad.