Definition of Drunk: True self?

Went meet up with my classmates from high school, invited my teacher along with her daughter too. 
It was a fun night. 
Some of us changed into a better person, while some are just being the same jerk 5 years ago, like me. LOL

So we sat at Mc Donalds @ Centrepoint from 2100 to 0000. 
And we only ordered a large set and 5 persons eating it. XD

After that? Adam suddenly suggested going for a drink, since he offered his treat, we go! LOL

So imagine 4 guys wearing very casual, 
Ah Beng’s with shorts and slippers and went into this club-a-like place.


Anyway, met up with Annie (ex class mate who happens to have same name as my mother).

Adam and Annie

Me and Seng Fatt

Me being a Nazi LOL

I got muka convict! ><

It was a crazy night but fun.
Thought of the day, Mun Joe says,
“I want to see you guys drunk so that I can see your true self!”

So can people show their true self when they are drunk?
Or they are just simply following the environment’s mood and follow 
“what-will-they-normally-do-in-this-situation” and perform the attitude?


Oh yea, I repaired my hair. :D

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