Never go KL anymore!

Three days I have been travelling to Kuala Lumpur, searching almost hundreds of stalls 
in Mid Valley and Time square just to find a present. 
Finally, I ended up in Sunway Pyramid to be able to find something THIS rare.

Ate this very special pizza-like food recommended by Bro’s sis. 
Must say, it’s good.
Cheese-lovers must try!
The cheese... OMG

Then saw this BIG banner at Sunway Pyramid and we were like, OMFG, in Malaysia
"May The PORK Be With You"
Bro's sis, Shannon and Bro's GF, Kwen


Rebecca said...

there is one in tropicana city mall lar. go and try la.

Jeremy Yong said...

What's that? the pork thing? XD

Anonymous said...

Bro's gf? o.O

Jeremy Yong said...

Brian? My bro? =.=