Sepang Goldcoast

A random planning by Brian, we went Sepang Goldcoast that he say it is a wonderful place to hang around. 
So Brian, his GF Kwen, Karen and me went early at 1000 (due Puchong will be very sesat at peak hours).

So we used GPS, and guess what, it brought us to a wrong place where we end up another beach. 
That's like almost an hour lost in GPS and end up somewhere we didn't tend to end up.

As we pass-by, saw this LUXURIOUS police residential area 
(thats where our tax end up. LOL)

Some candid-camera in the car (Brian with GPS, CANGGIH~)

This is where we end up not-a-beach-but-we-take-pictures-anyway place
And after 40++ KM of drive, we finally found the place!
Golden Palm Tree Sea Villas & Spa, Sepang Goldcoast
(where we can't go in and look how nice was it LOL)

Some random pictures taken.

In the end we didn't play in the water. 
It was literally hot. HOT. 
I'm getting bit of sunburns now.
Imagine we actually go swim. Thanks to Brian, he saw little jellyfish. So BEST avoid them. LOL

The sea was good. Well, not clean. But the sea waves made me felt lot better. 
I guess I stayed inside my room too long. :S

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