Earth needs us

Many people have been promoting the use of recycling. 
Sometimes I really do think it’s a waste of time when we see the Earth have lost her love towards us since the 1900’s. Since us as the children have polluted it using nuclear factory, plastic products, petroleum, and others that slowly stabs our mother, Earth’s heart, like spreading cancer.

Now we are doing our best to prevent it.

I believe it is not too late, for the better next generations. 
Shopping malls with degradable plastic bags, selected days that shops would not provide plastic bags for consumers, hybrid cars, and many other things that help prevent the “cancer” to spread further.

The sign that Earth has spoken very clearly, Tsunami in year 2004, was the sign. 

If we don’t stop using things that harm her now, who will? 
The next generations? 
The government? 
Our “tidak apa” attitude has become a lifestyle.

I believe if we change our mindset in everyday life, such as “the rubbish at the roadside should be settled, by me or there won’t be anyone to do it”. 
So what we pick up rubbish on the floor and throw it somewhere better? 
So what we wear casual wears that is out of fashion? 
So what we take public transport instead of driving a car to the street behind our neighborhood? 
Does other’s eyes matters on what we are doing?

Change the mindset, change the attitude, and change the lifestyle. It’s time to change.

*If you're at Perak somehow in Kampar and coincidentally studying in UTAR, look out for Yellue Campaign, that helps you understand more on curing our Earth*


Anonymous said...

well said bro! you're quite the writer

Jeremy Yong said...

Wah, sure boh. dun fake fake cuci my shoe. =.=