The raining cake issue in Kampar

Many questioned what happened at McDonald's in Kampar?
Why is there so many police officers with batons and guns?
Why are there reporters?
Why is there a Blind Date event in facebook?
Why this, why that?

If a person really wanted to know.
I believe the person will look at the issue and think very skeptically.
I found the answer.
And it is very disappointing for me to see that how one wants to buy ones heart will do such thing.

I put high hopes on them. 
But they led me down by biting someone who is kind enough to advice us not to interfere such case.
I maybe young and sometimes naive. 
But am not dumb.


King said...

In my opinion.
1. Blind date obviously points out, blind = you dunno the purpose of the event; you just come and enjoy the crowd. very fun isn't?

2. The Dean, Dr. Teh kindly ask students to avoid participate such events fearing that innocent students may caught in breaking laws of Malaysia via facebook.

3. Malaysiankini emphasized the dean's action. As UTAR, is historically formed by the MCA, which is part of BN. Now it's the best time to catch people's attention, especially the undergraduates how awful is the law enforcement. By breaking the obvious rules?

4. Recent news says it all. BN regained its trust from the public after recent state election. Obviously, the other parties are in panic. So making such groupies may hype the tension.

5. In the end, policemen came and things that the mind behind this event have made a great prediction. That people are buying the there's no freedom in this country.

Who are the victims?
- The students who do not know what is going on.
- The dean who was tricked by this big plot.
- The policemen who people in the public looked at them as enemy.
- The McDonald's where their reputation is ruined.
- The minors, who have faith with the party, but realized that what they have done is a heart aching experience.

Jeremy Yong said...

"The Facebook group which was created as a protest against the building of a multi billion ringgit 100-storey mega tower named Warisan Merdeka had called on members to organise cake parties in their own vicinity in conjunction with the group's one month anniversary.

The cake party at Kampar McDonald's is one such event held simultaneously at nine other locations nationwide.

The proposal to build the costly mega tower amid the gradual withdrawal of government subsidies and increase in service taxes has not bode well with the public, allowing the Facebook group to grow up to a quarter of million supporters." (Eugene Kok Li-Jin, J-On)