Trip to Kampar with KTM = BAD

Friday night, the train delayed due to some engine problem which dragged me 2 hours. Thanks to my pals, they stayed with me till the train arrive, which is about 12:00AM. And they didnt had their dinner.

Today, same thing happened to me again. I thought I almost miss the train when I arrive the train station about 12:50PM, where the train departs at 12:55PM. Fortunately, the train did not depart. And I hop in glad that I didn't burn my ticket.

Then what happen? The train faced engine malfunction again. This time, was the worst. The train stopped at Rawang, the air con was out, and the captain say we gotta change train. Ok, so, can I refund my ticket then? "Yea sure" say the captain. 

Everyone went out of the train. 
Waiting for a train to come. 
The weather was hot, I haven't had anything since I woke up this morning. 

Then the train came. Appears to be ETS, Electric Train Services.  
And I thought, "Wow, I get to exchange a RM11.00 to a RM26.00 service!"

 I was wrong. 
There were no space in the train and I was forced to either stand or sit on the floor. 
So I sat on floor, regardless of how others looked me and continue read my notes for tomorrow's mid-term.

Refund? No, there's no refund in the end.

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