Mission Possible!

Yes! I have finally finish my thesis! My topic basically talks about procrastination of students. Which I procrastinates a lot until even my supervisor beh tahan my uniqueness. lol

This coming weekend will be my friends' wedding and I'm in the band for their wedding. Lots of things need to accomplished, well, atleast I'm done with the darn FYP (Final Year Project).

 The only thesis submitted in the box. Or is it....? XD

One assignment left and a presentation. Then final exams... Then poof, no more student life.

I still can't wake up that I'm leaving my friends I have spend three years with. Now counting days that the day will come all of depart and set our own life.

To think of it, I don't have any pictures that consist of me and my housemates gather pictures. Hmm, I think I should get one before everyone leave this house, 1510.

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