Life without you

A life without facebook is seemingly difficult for me. I tried very hard to avoid looking at the computer and do my things. Things? What things do I do usually? Nothing, just facebook. I can’t believe how internet has killed my interest on other things like sports, games, TV shows and movies. I can just stay one whole day looking at the computer browsing through random things just to pass my time.

I have successfully avoided using facebook for more than 24 hours and it seems like weeks. In real life, it seems that I don’t really have many friends to hang out with when I don’t have the internet with me. Most of my friends are either working, or studying overseas. So this gave me a reason why I need facebook to keep in touch with them. But seriously, what do I get to know things about them in facebook than having an appointment with them when they came back and have big long hours chat face to face? I’m experiencing a gap between me and my friends in real life compare to facebook. 

Some I know of, and are successful, don’t really facebook. And so they say “social network”. It killed me. And I have made a deal with myself; maximum facebook will be 1 hour a day. And I’ll be fasting from it from 14 December till New Year. Hopefully, I don’t go facebook when I’m dying from boredom.


Anonymous said...

U will never survive :P

Jeremy Yong said...