The Day I Stood Still

Nope, the title has nothing to do with the post. Just a random thought and I’m lazy to think of a bombastic title for it. 

This week has not been a productive week for me. It seems like I owe all the women a thing that I will never pay all the debts near finish. Helping two individuals in parts of the assignments made me a sleepless night. But when I look back, I don’t see much of help I actually did. Then the next I know is already 7am and I gotta go KL Central to buy train tickets.

In the end I slept 5 hours till 12:00pm. Then rush to the station. At first, I can choose to go ahead Monday go back to Kampar. But I chose Wednesday to guide someone who never try sitting in a train before. Tuesday, I went to the station; help print assignment and burn CDs. 

At the station, something interesting happen...
At the station, I saw TARC's ad

Then KBU's

Then, MSU's. My question is, where's my beloved UTAR?
 Then I'm at Mid Valley. Bought some tennis balls for Magnum! :D
Then I saw this humorous sign at the office door!

Do you know what is this? THIS IS LEGEND!

The sweet couple. aww

Well, at least I get to know her boyfriend. And gets a free Thai dinner! :D
Something with sticky rice and mango
Coconut curry = Yummy
Overall was good, the service was abit too good to be true. lol

Wednesday, yet another unproductive day for me, reach Kampar at 7.15pm. I wanted to call her if she wants to fetch me from the station. Seems that she is having no mood at the time and I didn’t ask. Then Desmond called. In the end he was willing to fetch me. The truth is, I wanted to ask my housemates, but he gave a valid reason. “This may be the last time I’m fetching you from the station”

I called roommate if wanted to join for dinner. I guess it’s a no. So even though I’m at Kampar, I’m able to meet the guys more than the girls in the house. And now, I’m here blogging the last of Kampar days.
The truth is, I did cry a bit yesterday night when we sang songs of departure at G2. 

Now I’m sick and tired questioning why am I here?


Anonymous said...

Pity u to b lamppost. And Hello! I called u out for lunch today and u rejected me TT. Now u complain that u see us less. Cis.

Jeremy Yong said...

hahahaha... sorry lah. i was abit emo juz now mah. now eat mcd with u di. happy di lor. :)