Dying Humanity

Probably a lot of facebookers have known this: A young man, 22, suicide over a 4 months relationship.

I got this news when my friend was online using his facebook account (fyi, I temporary deactivate my account). A man, same age as me from KL killed himself and even left the last words and countdown in his facebook profile.

What is the ugly part of the whole thing when I was looking at his profile?

How people have look at life like a restart button in our computer. Some liked his status. Some took him like he is joking. Seriously, if the whole conversation coverts into a real life setting will these so-called friends reacted the way like how they commented on his profile?

Facebook destroyed the humanity in everyone’s heart.

Things I want to shout out, to the people who admired this young man’s courage:
  1. This is a coward’s act; in fact, running away like throwing your life will not solve the problem.
  2. You make bigger problems to your family, especially the ones that loved you and raised you up.
  3. One’s action is like a newspaper; such act will not be remembered forever, because it is not inspiring at all. Unless you kill the president or make an army revoke the government.
To the facebookers and currently addicted to it:
  1. Without facebook, life sucks. I know, because I am experiencing it now.
  2. Think back, when was the last you talked to person who have recently went missing, had an accident and sleeping at the hospital, or the ones past away.
  3. Look at the life now, and imagine 10 or maybe 50 years later. What will we be doing? Working? Retired and enjoy life? Counting the days to die? Or perhaps something that helps contribute the younger generations, which will not lead them to do like what we have mistakenly done?
Maybe I’ve been lecturing myself, keep on reminding these things in my head. 
But it is difficult. It’s never easy. 
The results though, will not lead me to complain and end my life easily.

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