Facebook banned in Malaysia?

KANGAR, Dec 6 — Umno Supreme Council member Datuk Seri Dr Shahidan Kassim today called for the blocking of the Facebook social networking website if its contents continue to pose a threat to national security. (

Is it true? Find it yourself. 
I found myself can't even load a page of facebook today at 5:30AM, 17/12/2010. 
While other pages like google, blogger, and etc. are working well and fast.
I guess the government 1, malaysian 0 for this round.

Appears that two Middle-East countries already banned facebook!
Syria, Pakistan and Iran (rumored China and Vietnam but I need confirmation)
And both Muslim country, so Malaysia IS POSSIBLE to be another loving country to ban facebook.


FYI, 10 minutes later facebook is back online. lol

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Anonymous said...

Same here, I woke up at 5am also can't log in till 6am++ then only can online.