Off Faceboook

I have finally took my perhaps the most difficult step in my many years online.

Off facebook.

Many say they want to off it, many argues what’s the point to off the social network life?

To me, I have missed a lot of things that I could have experienced. 
Some may say they can manage their time very well, well, good for them.

I have reached till the limit where I would skip my time with friends, meals and even relative’s wedding because of rather-stay-in-my-social-network-world than spend time with friends and family who may one day, 


Some may say I’m stupid. Be it.

The question that I always ask myself,

“What is the reason I’m born? Work, eat, marry and have kids?” That’s all?


Anonymous said...

I'm proud of what you did.
"Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth.." Ecclesiastes 12:1

FISH said...

huh?? off only right?? will ON again right??? ><

Jeremy Yong said...

not sure if I'll ON it again. lol