La Family De Dinner

Yes, I survived not sleeping for almost 24hours and I’m still awake now writing this post. Came back from Kampar by Apple’s car while she on the way to Malacca (thanks Apple!).

When arrive church to meet up my dad, I can’t believe my dad’s company boss decided to lend him a car as the boss is going off to USA for three months! Guess what, the car is a Honda Toyota Wish (thanks Say Tar for correcting me). OMG

So I thought I can finally go back home to sleep. But my dad brought me and my mom to the dentist for his dental appointment; then went buy grocery for tonight’s dinner.

AND we eat the food done by Chef James and Chef Annie with assistance chef Jeremy. LOL

From Left: Head Chef James, Assistant Chef Jeremy, & Chef Annie

Crab, fried chicken, steamed cabbage, toasted bread, and mini tomatoes!


Apple said...

how come i saw a bottle of black label on the table :D

ponnie said...

Apple...your eyes so sharp. I didn't even notice it LOL.


SayTar said...

honda wish? toyota wish is it? -.-"

SJ said...


Jeremy Yong said...

LOL... yea... is toyota wish... ><

yes! thats black label for decoration purpose...

yea, crab. LOL