Bloody Sunday

Been months I never update my blog. So here I am, writing what have happened to me these recent months.
First of all, I went Sitiawan to my friend Joshua's house, who some minors think we're brothers with my housemates. 
 From left: Me, Shanon and Joshua
Before the actual day, I actually struggled rather to go back KL to say goodbye to my pastor who have served the church for 10 years as she’s going to Korea training, or I can choose to follow my housemates and go to Sitiawan and have fun. In the end? I chose my friends instead of the church.
I actually felt bad not having the last dinner with my pastor. I mean, she’s the one who look at me all grow up. But I have a lot of fun at Sitiawan. Not forgetting meeting Josh’s father, a faithful pastor whom my dad so wish to meet him. Ps, my dad even added him in facebook. And Shannon is HOT! HAHAHHAHA…
 From Left: Brian, Joshua, Me, Pohnee, Apple and Averse who are holding the camera
So… yea, just paid the LifeGame camp fees worth RM60. I can’t believe I was actually the last person to know my ex was going. I mean, why all the hidings and all? It’s not the first time I’ll be recalling the past and wanders off, ahh well. If not letting me know is the best solution, imagine the day I saw the both of them and I’ll be like, oh crap. So, yea, thank God I know this earlier, so that I can adapt to the situation? Or it will be soooo awkward.
Celebrated Brian’s birthday at MM2, local mamak stall with simple cake and beer with a straw! But was not a complete set actually, I bought 2 cans of beers but I guess the other just couldn’t make it.

Oh yea, I made my bed! :D
 From this...
To this! 


Averse said...

love you bro,
btw,shannon is mine!!!!

SJ said...

Sorry for telling you so late, but whatever it is we'll always be there for bro! All is well ;) welcome to the family!

Jeremy Yong said...

Averse: yea... whatever makes u happy. XD

SJ: ur name is gay. ==

Apple said...

SJ name is not gay!!! :P