Registration Book

I decided to bring back home with the registration report that’s been kept in the office for 10 years. Suppose to make it in a softcopy. I was in between of my collogues where one disagree bringing work back home because it is unhealthy while one thinks that I’m still young and I should go for it. In the end I go for it.

I spent approximately 5 hours to complete the 10 years registration report. In the process, I saw some left without any valid reason, some got terminated due to the parents didn’t come with the children, and some very sad reasons.

I was shocked when I key in the data, one of the child did not attend the centre anymore, because the child passed away. I was overwhelmed at that time, couldn’t believe if I’m in this situation teaching the children, and one will never come anymore, because has passed away.

A lot of the children did not register themselves in the social welfare. Most probably because our country did not provide any privileges to the special needs, unlike western countries like USA, which gives a lot of privileges to them who registered in the social welfare.

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