What I've done so far...

Can you imagine without facebook a day? I can't. In fact, it is happening to me now, I try to go in And guess what, I can't log in!!

 Yes! It is actually happening to me! ><

Anyway! Went to watch both movies with 2nd series! Yes! The hot Iron Man and Ip Man in 2s! AKA Ipran Man 2! XD
Hell yes! Both full of action and never disappoint me! The ending of the Iron man 2 is a must watch!! I get the real deal on what's Marvel next movie!! Wahoo! psst! It's very at the end of the movie... like, after the credits... Just like the 1st Iron man introducing Nick Fury by Samuel L Jackson!

And yes, Ip man 2 is full of revenge and I-wanna-kick-the-British-asses-too kinda feeling! My dad even ask me if they ever make a sequence about the journey of Bruce Lee... Yes, Ip man 2 start introduces the young Bruce Lee... OPS! lol

Anyway, it's a fun week. and poor week to me too. each time I walk out from home, the main concern is MONEY. ARGH! I hope God rains money to me. LOL (joking...)


GarY's Life said...

LOL @ your web browser image ! haha

ponnie said...

I watched Ip Man 2...for free!
At Kampar Station xD