Back from Sabah!

One day, I went out with Lawrence saying he wants to buy stuffs for the Sabah trip. I was curious why he wanted to buy so early. I told myself the trip is 20th May. So when I started to question him, I was so wrong. It is 2 days later!! 20th April!!
On the 20th, I told myself (again) it is a noon flight, 5.30pm I should be arriving at LCCT. Then, early in the morning, about 5.30am, Lawrence called up while I was half awake. Yes, again I screwed the time again and this I told myself, if God wants me to go have fun in this trip, then it is His will. Thank God, I managed to reach the airport in time while my dad only drives here the 1st time and I am the last to manage to check in. I know Lawrence was very upset, and others too, so my resolution for the next trip will be DIY.  
Anyhow, the trip was very fun. I’m uploading all the pictures via facebook now. :D

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