Strange but TRUE!

To think back how crazy I was last year. So what crazy stuff did I do last year?
1. Cut bald
2. Try to hook some "impossible targets"
3. Bought 1st liquor with own money and choice
4. Joined some random competition which I sucked so bad
5. Being a badass

I can't remember how many crazy things I've done last year. But there's more crazy things I've done and about to do this year!
1. Cut my hair (again) into decent mamak style
2. A whole Sunday in church
3. Do charity and spread gospel during the 1st day of Chinese New Year.
4. A meet-up with a friend at Sunway ice-skating which I nearly screw my bones
5. And planning to go Korea for full submission in God's work!

Crazy, how I was so bad and almost hated every religion. And now here I am, being a goody goody. I remember people said to me that I'm indecisive, inconsistent, and immature. But to look around and playing with the words, I'm actually submissive, spontaneous, and ready-to-learn~! Haha, so much of a positive thinking from a pessimist person...


Anonymous said...

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Jeremy Yong said...

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