Jeepers, creepers! It's almost APRIL!!

Yes, finally almost a month I’m back! This week is a holiday to me and my fellow interns as our company ask us no need to work because it is holidays for the kids! :D (meaning no pay. T^T) 
So what did I do the whole through month? I can say almost half of the month I give it to God. I went to Orang Asli visitation; I went to friend’s church at the same day I went my church in the morning; I joined an acting performance for the Easter Day in youth (yes, I’m still consider myself as YOUTH!!); hmm, what else? I can’t remember because I also went daily wake up calls every day!! 
Few movies I wanted to watch but I never get the chance to catch it… like From Paris with Guns, Percy Jackson the Laughing Stalk, The 72 Retards from HK, The 14 Small Blades with Wu-Chun and Ip Man, Alice in the Jakuns Land, and etc. 
Some may ask where I stay, I'll say before near the Cyberjaya toll. Far eh?
Anyway, something outrageous really happened in LDP (Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong aka Lambat Dalam Perjalanan). The developers have finally crack up their brain after devouring the toll payers’ RM1.60 per entry, which they have opened a road called Cobra Kontra. A road that ceased the opposite line causing the opposite drivers hates us a little more because sealing the highway just for us! It’s hard to explain in words, so I took my risk taking pictures while driving with legs! (spot the joke?)
The road sign pasted far away before you know it.
I was so excited that I nearly kissed someone's ass. ><
This was taken at the 1st day, now, they opened 3 routes!
Look! The road is so smooth here and I pity those who didn't use Kontra~
End of the Kontra, you'll get to see lots of Yellow Men left no work from Digi. XD 
Anyway, back to my centre, Happy Birthday "A"!! :D

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